Buy Generic Stromectol (Ivermectin) Tablets Online

Online pharmacies have become a lifesaver for people who cannot get to the local pharmacy for health reasons. Earlier, when Stromectol tablets ran out, you called a taxi to the nearest pharmacy, but now you can order the delivery of Ivermectin pills directly to your door.

Farmacia 12 Horas Portada Alta (Rating: 4.7) [C. Corregidor Nicolás Isidro, 7, 29007 Málaga, Spain | +34 952 33 46 17 |]

Unprofessional and rude staff, I won’t be conducting any business here because of this lack of service. Forget about filling Stromectol Rx here. The pharmacist lied and said my insurance didn’t cover Rx that I’ve been filling there at no cost and charged me $50 after speaking with my doctor, who said I shouldn’t have had to pay. I came back for a refund. They refused and told me to get my refund through my insurance. When I asked one of the `customer service` reps for a paper towel to clean off the self-service counter, she was extremely rude. This isn’t the first time I’ve experienced this type of attitude, but I refuse to go back after being lied to and cheated out of $50, I refuse to go back.

Farmacia 12 Horas Portada Alta is a special kind of place that is hard to find these days. Pharmacists love what they do and care about their customers. And it shows. My whole family has been going to them since we moved to town over 16 yrs ago. They treat you like family and never make you feel like you are a bother when you ask questions. I can’t say enough good things about them.

Farmacia Mata (Rating: 4.2) [C. Marqués de Larios, 8, 29005 Málaga, Spain | +34 952 21 19 15 |]

Farmacia Mata has always been one of my one-stop stores. They always have weekly sales on items that everyone needs, whether for home, personal care, medicine, photos, candy, food, etc. I also earn points on items I buy and love the discounts I earn. So, all in all, Farmacia Mata is smaller than, say, Walmart or Meijers but a lot easier when you don»t have to get a lot.

I cannot say enough wonderful things about this Company! Words cannot even begin to express my gratitude and thankfulness for these COMPETENT, COMPASSIONATE, ETHICALLY AND MORALLY SOUND PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY CARE AND DO THERE JOBS ABOVE AND BEYOND. Patient care practices are excellent, and the staff is Kind, Knowledgeable, and will advocate for patients. As it should be. A rarity nowadays, and that’s truly sad. I’m beyond impressed and thankful for them. They work so hard on behalf of the patient, and They Need to be fully recognized for Such amazing all-around care. They are my Guardian angels, and I’m beyond blessed to have them in my life. As a Medical first responder (Disabled), I myself possess competent knowledge, work ethic, as well as empathy, and compassion for patients suffering in need of help. Above and beyond excellence and duly, I was noted for everything they’re doing and have done. Not enough people give Recognition that is deserved. God bless you all! Thank you so much for All you do and more.

Farmacia Plaza de la Victoria CB Apivita Bioderma Rilastill 226ers Pranarom (Rating: 4.7) [Pl. Victoria, 11, 29012 Málaga, Spain | +34 952 26 27 13 |]

I had been waiting, one gal Sid she would help me and then went off to finish helping the drive-through with no one in line decided to sit down to wait. A guy walks up, and they go to help him immediately. I complained. The tall guy said you weren’t in line. I told him I had been, but I decided to sit down after no one was helping me, I decided to sit down. After whining, He helped, but then they gave me conflicting reports about my Ivermectin medication. He decided he had enough, so he left me standing there. While standing there, the two Pharmacists, the tall guy, and the gal, started talking about when I got there. They obviously knew I was there but didn’t bother to help me. Never going back. Talking about customers like I wasn’t there. How rude are they!

Farmacia Plaza de la Victoria CB Apivita Bioderma Rilastill 226ers Pranarom has been our family’s pharmacy of choice for many, many years, and we love the «home-town feel» where we’re always greeted with a smile and called by name. We appreciate every one of the team members and can honestly say they have ALWAYS treated us with courtesy and respect with each transaction. Their new location is awesome, and we especially love the drive-thru window. IMO they are hands down the best Pharmacy here. Yes, on a few rare occasions, we’ve had to go to a «big box pharmacy» for after-hour emergencies, and there is no comparison to the service we received from those businesses compared to what we get from Kings. If you’re on the fence about which pharmacy to use, I promise, you can’t go wrong with Kings: Their prices are fair, and their staff is honest and caring. PS: I also respect the fact that they’ve chosen to be CLOSED on Sundays to spend time with their families. They have their priorities in the right place.

Farmacia Malagueta (Rating: 2.9) [Av. de Cánovas del Castillo, 8, 29016 Málaga, Spain | +34 952 21 46 33 |]

It was my first time having a prescription filled in the U.S., and Angeleen was great. She took the time to look stuff up for me, explained how things were and how long it took, and was so friendly and patient. Not once did it seem like I was a pest. Thank you, Angeleen. You’re one of the good ones! :)**Just got a refill today, and Brian was also very genuinely friendly.

Very Rude, and Farmacia Malagueta don’t want new customers! They tell you upfront, so if you don’t fit their «Kind,» Stay Away. They apparently have too much money and can be selective in customers.